核心价值:活动利益高于一切 敬业感恩 诚信正直 知行合一 立规兴业追求卓越。

经营之道:商者无域 相融共生。

人才理念:品德为先 e世博认同 选贤用能 公平竞争 业绩导向 奖惩分明 团结协作 共同成长。

e世博精神:言行必果 敢于负责 您务实 精益求精。



KAMELU mission: innovation change life.

KAMELU vision: 3-5 years support 1-2 companies listed in Hong Kong or the United States e.

Core value: Enterprise benefit is higher than all professional gratitude integrity unifying made gauge industrial the pursuit of excellence e.

Way of business: The business without domain in harmony intergrowth e.

Talent concept : Character is the first cultural identity and choose with can fair competition performance guide rewards and punishment distinct unity cooperation grow together e.

KAMELU spirit : Speech action to be responsible innovation practical excellence e.

KAMELU symbol :The Wolf Both competition and cooperation, discreet and open. The Wolf sex leader, bravery